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Heroes – Even though there was oodles of foreshadowing and I said out loud “he’ll have her killed for that,” I was still surprised by who died. Don’t cry over spilled milk – funny. Do I get extra geek points for identifying the bus driver before Doug?

Boston Legal – You went too far Alan. Doug won’t be playing WWASD this weekend.

LOST – I don’t care what Jack’s tattoo means.

LOST “fans” – Shame on you for trying to end one of the few good shows on television. Stop acting like short attention span, immediate gratification children and enjoy the ride. The answers SHOULD come slowly.

8 thoughts on “quickie television thoughts

  1. I totally agree with being patient on the LOST answers. They had just better eventually come, and make sense in the end. And cover most, if not all, of the mysteries. (Are you listening, Cris Carter?)

    One mystery I’m really intrigued by that may amount to nothing is the four-toed statue ruin on the coast. It could be something significant, or it could be totally separate to everything.

    Tonight, though, they promise three mysteries will be revealed. They’d better be significant mysteries, and not things we’d guessed a couple years ago. I’m figuring we’ll find out:

    a) what happened to the rest of the kidnapped Tailies
    b) what’s Jack’s tattoo means
    c) why strange animals are on the island

  2. I love the foot statue! I also want them to someday explain the two skeletons with the black and white stones, the pirate ship and why Ben said he has been on the island his entire life. I’m sure the tailies were brainwashed and are being used for aging/fertility experiments. I think the animals are left from old experiments. I don’t care about Jack’s tattoo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. You see my hand? See it waving? That’s me waving to an hour of my life I’ll never get back, after sitting through Lost tonight.

    What a waste of my time. And after getting excited watching UT win and even waiting till after Lost started to go back and watch from the start..

  4. I love you just for that Lost comment! I couldn’t agree more. Just watch the show and enjoy it. Stop trying to figure everything out in one episode!

    Heroes..I had NO idea who the bus driver was. I read it on someone elses blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Based on the ratings this season, there are not that many Lost “fans” left.

    Although this show was wildly popular its first season, and fairly popular its second, the third is not doing all that well, and unless they do something to bring its ratings back up, it may not see a 4th (which is what I am guessing a lot of “anxious fans” are concerned about. Sit through the show for 3 years and never get the answers you are seeking because it was supposed to be revealed during a 4th never produced season.

    (Never watched it myself, so this is purely conjecture).

  6. Nielsen doesn’t concur according to DarkUFO who cites “Nielsen Media Research (Fast Affiliate Ratings), Live+SD 2/7/07”

    “Lost” (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
    Premiering in its new, hour-later, 10 o’clock time period, ABC’s “Lost” jumped from its lead-in by 5.6 million viewers and by 76% in Adults 18-49. On its first telecast in 13 weeks, “Lost” drew an average audience of 14.7 million viewers and delivered a 6.5 rating, 16 share among Adults 18-49. The ABC drama dominated its new hour among young adults, besting second-place CBS’ time period veteran by 33% in Adults 18-49 (6.5/16 vs. 4.9/12) and by an even wider margin of 78% in Adults 18-34 (6.6/17 vs. 3.7/10). ABC’s “Lost” stood as Wednesday’s No. 1 scripted program in Adults 18-49, ranking as the top scripted series of the evening on each of its original telecasts this season.

    But, that could be biased, wrong, or even made-up. Of course, if it died without giving answers we’d label it "lost" and call it "a firefly."

  7. “But eight episodes into its third season, ‘Lost’ has taken a painful nosedive, with an audience of 14.5 million for its Feb. 7 episode and 12.8 million รขโ‚ฌโ€ its lowest ever รขโ‚ฌโ€ for this week’s show.”

    From the article, Will ‘Lost’ Ratings Plunge Doom Series?

    or this from Access Hollywood

    ‘Lost’ Ratings Hit All-Time Low


    So DarkUFO is reading Nielsen much differently than everybody else.

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