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Via Blogging Baby I found underwear with condom pockets. Based on the other materials the company sells, it looks like it is marketed for young college students, but Blogging Baby suggests that “progressive” parents might want to buy these underwear for their teenagers. I consider myself to be a very open-minded parent, but I’m not buying these underwear for my teens. I do plenty of things to make conservative parents’ hair stand on end though. The sex talks begin when my children are tweens. The talks start off pretty generalized and get more specific over the years. With the onset of puberty comes a trip down the family planning aisle at the pharmacy. Yes, it embarrasses the teenagers when we do this. As I said to my children, if you are too embarrassed to buy condoms, you are too immature to have sex. Finally, we keep condoms in a very specific location in both bathrooms. The location has been pointed out to the teenagers multiple times along with the invitation to take the condom (no questions asked) if it is needed. No, I am not encouraging my teenagers to have sex. Just because the plumbing is in doesn’t mean the house is ready for tenants. However, I do recognize that humans are sexual beings from birth until death and think that abstinence only education and purity ball followers are in serious denial.

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  1. Someday in the future I would love to do a study, and find the percentages of Purity Ball Babies (for lack of a better term) compared with the population at large. I’m willing to bet that there is a greater percentage of “whoopsies” with the unprepared “pure” kids.

  2. Regarding those Purity Balls that our government is helping fund….
    It’s interesting to note that many if not most of the churches promoting this idea are Reconstructionist denominations. Reconstructionism is a rapidly growing and arguably heretical sect of Christianity (due to the fact that its adherents follow the teachings of John Rousas Rushdoony and Gary North in addition to and often instead of those of Jesus Christ) and their goal is to eventually take over America and install their brand of faith as the state religion.

    Father-daughter dances are a fine thing, and so is teen abstinence, but here are a couple of websites that will show you what ELSE many of these type of folks believe:

    And, here is a link for VisionForum, a HUGE promoter of the Father-Daughter retreat concept and one of America’s leading homeschooling curriculum companies. VisionForum is run by Doug Phillips, son of ex-Reagan cabinet member Howard Phillips and pastor of Boerne Christian Assembly, a hyper-patriarchal Reconstructionist congregation where women are relegated to virtual slavery in their own homes, denied higher education, are not permitted to participate in prayer in the church services, make prayer requests in church, or even receive communion unless it is served to them by their husband or another male member of the congregation.

    The Phillipses are quite the father and son team, too — Howard Phillips is the founder of the Constitution Party, whose 2004 presidential nominee was League of the South member Michael Peroutka. While the Constitution Party courted the votes of the League of the South (identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center) and other neoConfederate groups in 2004, Howard’s son, Pastor Doug, was hard at work garnering the Christian vote, encouraging his congregation to vote for Peroutka and warning them that they were not spiritually “at liberty” to vote for the Bush or Kerry because of their unBiblical stances on key issues.

    And our government is funding father-daughter dinner dances for these groups. Sweet.

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