transition to what?

After months of asking, I finally have the paperwork leading to Tommy’s transition meeting. His teacher would like him to go half-days next year so that he can spend half of the day working for school credits (instead of pay). Okay, I can talk Tommy down from the no-pay thing if he enjoys his work. Let’s see what our options are for employment. Hmmm, looks like his options can pretty much be summed up in two categories: training to be a janitor or training to be a dishwasher. Are they kidding me? Do they think that every child with disabilities has a limited intellect? Is this what they offer students who are brilliant but limited only by wheels instead of legs? All those years of fighting schools, doctors, insurance, relatives and strangers were just a warm-up to prepare me for this battle. As soon as I finish pounding my head on the wall in frustration, I’ll dig my heels in and move forward. This time, I won’t feel like it is me against every one else. This time I’ll have Tommy standing right beside me. He has worked too hard and defied too many naysayers to be knocked down now.

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