Dear Sam’s customers,

Why are so many of you dressed in camouflage? Is Sam’s the survivalists’ store of choice or was there a big sale on camo-wear last month?

Mother-of-the-year who left your one and three-year-olds alone in the Sam’s exit while you went to get the car, you are incredibly stupid. If either of those babies had stood up in the grocery cart, they would have fallen out before any stranger walking by could catch them. A bad person could have snatched one or both of them in less time than it took for you to get your car. I know this because I left the building to find the unattended cart and stood there watching my children (and yours) while Doug went to get the car. When I finally loaded my children in the car, you still hadn’t returned. Next time, let the children get rained on instead of leaving them behind.


4 thoughts on “Dear Sam’s customers,

  1. My kids have said “But dad, it’s RAINING,”

    and I usually say “You won’t melt. Besides, you probably needed a shower today.”

    I’m right there with you, I can’t imagine doing that.

  2. Our local Sam’s provides “velcro-sitting” services. We walk into Sams, and using our Wal-Sam brand baby harness, simply attach our kids (4, 3, 3 months) to the wall for the duration of our shopping, checking out, loading the car, lunch across the street, and then we pick them up to take home. We always scan the wall for other kids we’d rather take home, but we’ve stuck with our own so far.

  3. Sheesh – their camouflage didn’t work very well if you could see them, now did it? *Snurk*

    People who leave their kids there like that deserve to have them taken away. I know that sounds harsh, but the reality is in this day and age you just can’t DO that.

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