LOST questions

Am I the only person who thinks that Danielle is telling the Losties some big fibbies?
Who else thinks Locke should never, ever be allowed near computers again?
Are they brainwashed to believe the project is worth dying for or are they that scared of Ben?

I’ve been keeping a mental list of who should eventually escape and who shouldn’t (or can’t) leave the island. So far I have Locke, Kate, Rose, Bernard, Jin, Danielle, Charlie, all the others and Jack.

One thought on “LOST questions

  1. I didn’t get the impression she was lying to the Losties, but I did think it odd she decided to sit out the assault on the cabin. I figured it was just because the producers didn’t want to pay her for the whole episode, plus her reasoning kind of made sense – I also think she was embarrassed that she’d missed the cabin all the years she’d lived there. But I didn’t get she might be lying – why do you think so?

    I tend to agree with Locke’s obsession with computers – he’s trying to make up for screwing up with the hatch computer, I think, and prove he’s a tech-savvy guy. Good job, there, John. I do think not securing the Russian guy (c’mon, Sayid should have been able to tie him up so he couldn’t escape) and keep an eye on the guy for 5 seconds instead of playing chess made Locke look like an imbecile. But then, he’s the one on the island that has no real experience as “The Great Hunter” and is making it up as he goes along. So to slip up along the way is actually in character somewhat.

    I have no idea what the Others’ motivations are. And what a waste of Mrs Clu. What was the point of bringing her back for 5 minutes and then killing her?

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