memo to self

I should write my own obituary and post it somewhere everyone can find it after I’m gone. Family wouldn’t have to worry about what I would want said and I could leave behind something darkly sarcastic. While I’m at it, I’ll make some music requests. No pipe organ allowed. Pink Floyd instrumentals only. I’ll work on that post next week. Right now I am supposed to obsess over what to wear. Apparently the fashion police are very strict about small town funeral clothes. I should make my funeral a jeans-only funeral. At least I will be forgiven for not bringing a casserole from halfway across the state.

3 thoughts on “memo to self

  1. A friend of mine says her mother has obituaries written for everyone in the family. And she updates them regularly. Planning your funeral could be a good thing to do. And freaks out people, which is probably a bonus.

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