4 thoughts on “Saturday night

  1. Do the straws help with the oral stimulation thing? I’m tired of giving Emily gum. Sooner or later she’ll have TMJ problems. (She’s my sensory kid.)

  2. Did you happen to notice that in the small thumbnail version it looks like Tommy has a joint hanging out of his mouth? (Or is it just me?)

  3. Tommy loves the straws! Yes, I guess it does look like I caught him doing something, but it would have been prepared by Hunter S. Thompson if it was.

  4. You know, there was a time that no medication seemed to be working and his meltdowns and anxiety was bad, and had MMJ been an option (say we were living in CA) I am sure it would have been prescribed.

    I have heard of marijuana being used as a treatment for Asperger’s (just Google it) and although I could see its potential in calming anxiety and giving the patient focus (adhd control?), I would think the paranoia would rocket off the scale.

    And no, despite Scott County’s well-known cash crop, we never sought out any experimental treatments for Tommy. It would have been too dangerous with the contraindications unknown and the possible drug interactions. Plus the mouth of the South would have had DCS pounding down our door for a feature on CNN.

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