Look, something shiny!

How stupid does our local school board think we are when they announce they want a tax increase just to distract everyone from the horrible rezoning proposal? Keep focused on the piece of garbage that they put together behind closed doors while nobody was looking. The rezoning that gives just three weeks notice and a phony “public input” the same night that they will vote.

4 thoughts on “Look, something shiny!

  1. If I read the news article correctly, there has been no tax increase announced by the county at all. All the article says is that some school board members proposed there be a sales tax hike and a re-allocation of some property tax revenues to pay for shortfall in education, that they will discuss it at the school board meeting later this month and possibly include it in the budget proposal they send to Mike Ragsdale.

    If I’ve misinterpreted please correct me.

  2. Looks like she pretty clearly says the school board “wants” it, not that the county has announced it. Her speculation about “why” is interesting, and likely on the right trail.

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