reactions to the new zones

Interpretations of responses to the deceitful, snuck out over Easter weekend, superficial public input only the same night as the vote, changes to Knox County’s school zones:

“Stop whining and get over it.” – I have no children.
“Well, at least everyone is affected.” – I live in Farragut.
“I’m sure it will all work out.” – My children go to a private school.
“That’s what happens when you trust the government with your children.” – I homeschool.

3 thoughts on “reactions to the new zones

  1. Funny… I am having fights with our local school board over issues here, which drives my wife nuts since we send our daughter to a private school in a different town.

    But, that doesn’t mean I should ignore my community (or tax dollars) does it?

    Barry – I don’t think it is fully reciprocal. If you used the saying, that means your kid goes to private school, but just because your kid goes to private school, doesn’t necessarily mean you have said it.

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