so many meetings, so little clones

Trying to decide which meeting to attend on nights when they are scheduled simultaneously in different schools? Write your representative and see if they still have an open mind about alternative plans and compromises. If your rep is bringing Roy “they’ll get over it” Mullins, he’s already made up his mind.

A little story from the past. Many years ago, Tommy attended KAEC. KAEC is the trashcan of Knox County schools and it’s hard to describe what it was like without using language I try not use on this blog. When Tommy was there, he had zero textbooks. The school had no library, no nothing. It bore an uncanny resemblance to Taft. While I begged and fought to get Tommy out of there, I witnessed and overheard enough to know that no matter how much the teachers cared about their students, and they were some of the most dedicated teachers I have EVER seen, nobody else in Knox County schools cared at all. One day in the office I listened as a school administrator asked that the files be pulled on all the students who hadn’t used up their suspension days (a certain number of suspensions are allowed without requiring a manifestation of disability hearing) yet so that the school could find excuses to suspend them. After Knox County finally created a classroom for Asperger’s children at Bearden Middle, a good friend’s daughter was sent to KAEC and she was as stunned as I was at the school’s conditions. The school is still far, far less than what those children deserve and need, but because of that other mother’s loving determination, they are finally attempting to educate the students instead of just incarcerating them. The school board member who represents that school now was there when the school was at its’ worst. They have the same representative now as they did when Knox County leased most of the school’s outside land to a private sports club (who promptly fenced it to keep everyone from using it). I hope we have some new choices for the next school board elections.

4 thoughts on “so many meetings, so little clones

  1. Heh … yeah. Whatever good is at KAEC is 100% due to the dedication and caring of the teachers. They used to also have the resources of HRM Bridges, but that has been taken away too, in favor of school employees now acting as advocates for the kids and families … guess who’s idea that was?

    Justin got out of there just in the nick of time. But I am quickly realizing that Oak Ridge is not much better. We may be coming back to Knoxville for Anni’s last year. *sigh*

    If I had it to do over again, I would home school, no doubt.

  2. It was a great loss to the students and their families when Knox County pulled the contract with Bridges in favor of school employees.

  3. Wow! I discovered you recently and am astonished at how much we would have to talk about. I’m also at Rocky Hill. I pulled my 3rd grader from there last summer and have been homeschooling 4th grade this year. I have boy/girl twins still there in 1st grade. Their future there (especially given the recent zoning proposal) is pending.

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