We need a better zoning plan.

“My children are grandfathered. Everything is fine now. Why should I attend any more meetings?”

How about going for all the other children who will travel twice as far to attend high school? How about siblings being forced to attend different schools? How about going for all the elementary and middle school students who will be re-zoned next? How about going to ask for a better re-zoning plan. We need a plan that is based on future growth and not past growth. We need a plan that doesn’t get us right back where we started in less than ten years with Farragut High overflowing again. We need a plan that considers the Orange Route and a definite answer about an Orange Route exit at Hardin Valley High.

Don’t talk to us about budgets to distract us from the zoning decision. “To do more, Thomas said the schools need an additional $17.5 million to pay for higher salaries, technology upgrades, security improvements and to establish the Excellence Through Literacy Program.” Rocky Hill Elementary’s PTA is paying for their technology improvements. Bearden High’s PTO is paying for their security improvements. School board budgets led to a wheel tax that led to HVHS that led to a school that wasn’t acceptable being build in stages. It had to have EVERYTHING and now it does. Now draw a geographic circle around it and send students there.

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