As predicted, siblings who are 6th grade or older can be grandfathered (except at the new HVHS) and the few neighborhoods who were very vocal (and financially strong) are going to be removed from the rezoning. This means that our tiny little corner of Morrell and Northshore will still be zoned to cross Morrell, cross Kingston Pike and travel all the way down Sutherland to West High School. I have written dozens of e-mails, been in the newspaper and on the television. At least two of the school board members know EXACTLY where I live and how easy it would be to draw the border at Morrell and Northshore instead of at the line of the very expensive subdivision right behind us. Underdog Austin East is still going to have more students sent in before the city of Knoxville does something to change the neighborhoods around it. Instead of doing the right thing for everyone, the school board is going to do the right thing for people with money.

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