Farragut = Germantown

Memphis has Germantown and Knoxville has Farragut. I like Germantown and I like Farragut. They are beautiful and clean. When I am looking for a gift, I can always find a special shop with unique treasures in their communities. The enormous houses, gourmet groceries and designer clothes are the same in Farragut and Germantown. In both towns, the working class is tolerated and the poor are invisible. The teenagers in both towns have credit cards and their substance abuse is quietly ignored. The only difference is that Germantown has its’ own school system and Farragut does not. After I heard from one person after another that Farragut should have its’ own schools and not Knox County’s schools, I asked a Farragut resident why they don’t do that. “We can’t because we would have to buy our own. Besides, I think there’s some law against it.” With all the lawyers living in Farragut, it seems like they could pass some legislation to create their own school system.

2 thoughts on “Farragut = Germantown

  1. Cathy,

    Let me in on your find — where do you buy designer clothes in Farragut? If you are thinking Turkey Creek that is in Knoxville. And then again the stores in Turkey Creek are the same as West Town Mall. Forget it anyways – I buy most of my clothes at Kohls or Penney’s and yes I do live in Farragut. By the way, most designer clothing shops are in the Homberg area.

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