the plague

You know you’re a parent when you calmly hold a toddler as chunks of cantaloupe forcefully shoot out of his mouth and into what was your nice warm bath just a few moments earlier. After 24 hours of no symptom other than the angry stomach, I hoped it was just a baby bug. Evan is now fully recovered and doing an excellent imitation of the Tazmanian Devil, but this morning Amy’s stomach was captured by the evil virus. She now sits on the couch, cheerily ordering me around. “I finished reading my book and now I need to draw.” Doug has taken residence in the bed with great moaning and whining. “I’m siiiiiiick. Oooooh. I’m soooooo sick!” I guess it would be wrong to hope that Doug shared germs with the school board that will prevent them from passing the re-zoning resolution tomorrow.

Update – Noah has joined Amy on the couch.

One thought on “the plague

  1. It’s probably the same thing that’s going around the university. It’s passed by contact, so sharing food, touching things other people have touched, etc.

    In other words, you’re doomed.

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