In my complete and utter frustration at the pointlessness of trying to be heard by local politicians, please remember this story from last week. The school board member who represented KAEC when the students had zero books, when it was physically impossible to earn a diploma there and who sold most of the outside play area to a private sports club is the school board member still in office now. He blatantly ignored every parent with concerns about the rezoning. At the Bearden High forum, he spent most of his time sitting with his back to the parents. During Monday night’s eloquent speeches by other school board members and parents, he chatted with another school board member and stared at the floor. We need REAL representation on the school board. He does not care about the best interest of all students. Cindy Buttry listened and fought hard to do what was right. She offered a bold and risky alternative. She even tried playing politics to get this rezoning sent back to the drawing board. With amendments and discussion of the main rezoning proposal, it is clear that our school board members don’t play together well. There is too much jealousy over who has what toys in the sandbox. In the end, five people on the school board just wanted the easy way out instead of the right way. I will not “get over this.” I will get the last word in at the polls.

One thought on “democracy?

  1. If I was wearing a tinfoil hat, I’d claim that the new school zones were drawn to entice people in the affected areas to relocate west –> more money to real estate developers (who already pushed through the School That No-one Wanted). If you build it, they will come — or else.

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