Noah’s sick day (afternoon version)

Play DragonFable on the computer.
Create birthday “wish list” on the computer.
Get kicked off computer by Mom.
Read books.
Play same tiny bit of “Smoke on the Water” on guitar over and over again.
Declare that you are now well enough to play with friends.*
Pout when she says no.
Dig through family CD collection.
Play Simpsons CD.
Shoot nerf weapons at windows.

* All of the children know that before lunch time, I WILL drive them back to school any time I think they are playing me. I do think Noah needed today to recover, but Doug and I have also changed our tactics with Noah for the remainder of the school year. This year has been even worse than Kindergarten, when the teacher refused to let Noah use his left hand for half of the year and suggested he repeat Kindergarten because “children from disadvantaged homes do better with extra time in elementary school.” We just want to make it through the year as peacefully as possible. That and we want to take Noah and his best friend to D.C. since the teachers succeeded in keeping our bright, active little boys from participating in the school sponsored trip.

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