can’t get over it

I need something. I don’t know what I need. I just know I need something. I have a lot of angry words for Dan Murphy in response to his condescending lecture at the end of last night. Personal, emotional words describing the pain and injustices that Knox County Schools has inflicted on my children. Anger at his claim that I don’t know hardship after fighting tooth and nail to get this system to provide Tommy the education he deserves. Angry words that won’t be voiced, because they won’t help. Words have proven to be meaningless. I guess I don’t need PTO, which is a shame because if I got anything out of this experience, it’s relationships with the media. I’ve abused the grandparents’ childcare too much this month, so I don’t need a night out. Retail therapy isn’t an option. I guess I just need to cry it out and wake up with a better attitude tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “can’t get over it

  1. I had Murph at UT for a few semesters. He’s just as frustrating in class and one-on-one. The word was girls in the front with skimpy clothes always got A’s, fwiw. He’s a politician. He’s not terribly good at listening, and he’s always got an answer.

  2. Cathy — I have used blog therapy.

    Funny your comment about Murphy. I have heard several people make the same statement. I am very disappointed not just with the decision, but with the process and the school board. We need to bring new candidates to the table. Some of these folks have to go. The district protection stuff needs to go. We have to think county wide. I have so many questions I would love to ask my fellow knox countians about how they would do this different if they were given the big picture, facts, obstacles. While it might not have been 100%, I think we could have made it better. Our group knows the maps better than some of the board members. Will you continue to work with our county wide group? Please say yes —

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