Today’s weather was absolutely beautiful, so we had a wonderful day in the Smokies. Well, we did all get sunburns and Noah locked the keys in the car. While the keys were locked in the car, Evan fouled a diaper and rolled in the dust as Sarah’s shoe disappeared in the stream. Molly did decide to completely destroy two sets of blinds trying to get out of the house while we were gone, but other than that, today was wonderful. On second thought, maybe I should just stay home from now on. I did manage to take a few pictures.

3 thoughts on “half-full

  1. Homeschool them?!?!? Don’t people even read before they comment? Sheesh. (Side Note: think about how much less greif you would have had over the past couple of months of seemingly useless meetings. Know what I mean?).

    Now, for the comment I was actually going to say. Isn’t is funny what constitutes a “good day” once you have children. I’m not saying that it lowers standards, but it sure does take a lot more than a few inconveniences to throw it into the “bad day” category.

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