feels like Monday again

Like many mothers, I worry about everything. I am smart enough to know how little I really know and the consequence is that I silently question every decision I make and every word I speak. I want my children to be happy now and grow up to be happy, healthy adults. I also expect them to be good people. When holidays are near, I expect them to acknowledge them and express their love for human beings other than themselves. No, I don’t take them gift shopping like my mother did with me when I was young. We do very little shopping in our family. I do encourage them to make homemade cards and draw pictures for others. At Christmas, they spent several days carefully painting pictures to give their grandparents. I know it’s wrong to expect gifts, but every year that my birthday and Mother’s Day are missing homemade cards, hand drawn pictures and original poetry, I worry about the kind of adults my children will become. Will they be able to show others how they love and appreciate them? I mourn for the adults I see who are incapable of caring about others more than they worship themselves. Do my children feel how very much I love them? I think I need to do better.

3 thoughts on “feels like Monday again

  1. I have three children and my youngest 11 y.o left me three cartoon character drawings just this morning, for no real reason. I am a blessed man.

    I have several folders in my filing cabinet here in my office of drawings, paintings etc from all three of my kids. Some framed and on the wall as well.

    The things I treasure from my four years on the school board is all the handwritten letters and pictures I received from kids. If I was sent a picture or letter from a kid between 2000-2004. I still have them. I don’t know what I will do with them, longterm. But, I still have them.

    O.k. Am I going crazy now?

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