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Let’s guess who will die before this season ends. I’ll have a better idea after tonight’s set-up, but right now I’m putting Charley, Sayid, Rose, Bernard and Karl on the most likely list. I don’t have the skills to do it, but someone should do a video mashup of LOST and LOTR which centers on Desmond constantly telling Charley he’s going to die.

2 thoughts on “LOST stuff

  1. I keep thinking there’s some sneaking reason they’ve kept Rose and Bernard conspicuously absent the entire season. I mean, wouldn’t we have known if the actors had been released from even their recurring contracts? Nevertheless, they are also in my dead pool.

    I can’t quite believe Sayid would be killed, as the show still needs a balanced, sensible leader character other than Jack/Locke/Sawyer. Although Desmond could fill that role.

    I think Claire will bite it and Charlie won’t, as she’ll finally take the “bullet” actually for him (accidently or on purpose) – Charlie will be forced to deal with the guilt, take care of the baby and grow up.

    I’m most afraid for one of the Sun/Jin duo.

  2. I’m leaning toward Charlie and Tom (because he is one of the few Others that amuses me and if a character amuses me, they usually get killed.)

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