cycle of stress

So far today, Amy has had minor meltdowns over spilled milk and a missing doll. Evan has the hold-me’s and I may explode if Doug doesn’t bring the car home soon. Based on Amy’s behavior, I need to internalize my anxiety more and express it less. How to implode instead of explode:

Not eating regularly and stress give me headaches and digestive troubles. Lack of time, empty cupboards and general anxiety make it impossible for me to sit down and eat.

not eating = headache
headache = digestive troubles
digestive troubles = can’t eat
can’t eat = headache

Or, Doug could bring the car home and I could get things done (including buying a few groceries).

8 thoughts on “cycle of stress

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  2. Well hmph. Aparently block quote doesn’t like me here today. Here’s what it told me…

    “Your problems are making it very hard for you to cope.

    I recommend that you do not participate in our programme. I strongly recommend that you speak with your family physician or a psychiatrist.”

    How will I ever handle the rejection?

  3. My results:
    * I recommend that you fully understand and acquire:
    o Time Management Skills.
    o Improved eating habits.
    o Improved exercise habits.
    o Relaxation techniques.

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