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I enjoyed Pirates III. It was exciting, funny and beautiful. The dialogue between Captain Sao Feng and Elizabeth Swann on his boat was swoon worthy even if the 11-year-olds in our group didn’t understand it. That said, I would really have liked to see more come from the Calypso character. That was a bit anti-climactic. She should have claimed one specific character and wreaked some justice with a bit of mercy thrown in there. Still, my main problem with the movie was the “once every ten years” plotline resolution. I know everything can’t have happy endings, but I still wanted one and the way it ended, everyone suffers forever. The clearly crazy person should spend his days shuttling the dead. Stop hating families Disney. The DVD release needs an alternate ending.

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  1. Stand by for POTC IV in which:
    1. Calypso makes good on her promise to teach the nine pirate lords just how cruel she can be and
    2. Elizabeth, Will, and their son are reunited (you did wait to see the scene after the credits,didn’t you?) in the battle to save Jack from her anger while
    3. Captain Barbossa searches for the Fountain of Youth on the Black Pearl.

    Followed shortly by POTC V, and VI, in which many loose ends are tied up, Will is freed from the Dutchman, Calypso is pacified and Jack winds up with a wife even more outrageous than he is. Maybe a female wrestler or something like that.

    Seriously, there will be more POTC movies, and they will address the problems you see. Depp has already agreed to do more as long as the scripts are still good, as have most of the cast. And based on ticket sales, there’s certainly going to be a demand for more.

    Just look at it as another chapter instead of the final chapter and all will be well.

  2. Dammit! I almost always wait until the end of the credits but was impatient with my kids this time.


    And of course, they have to have Jack being his goofy self for the next movie, that’s why they did it the way they did. Will couldn’t seem to make up his mind which side he was on 😉

  3. Other than “Swiss Family Robinson”, how many Disney movies have an intact family? Disney loves to kill off a main family member. As for the movie in question, Dad may be only un-dead, but he is still absent from both his wife and son’s lives. Imagine that first visit home. Does he spend the day with the son he has never met or with his wife to make a daughter?

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