boy summer vs girl summer

So far, the girls (not me, I’m too old to be included in that category and I’m a Mom, which means I don’t deserve fun) are winning the summer fun contest. Sarah is still at Lee University which means she doesn’t have any chores or sibling assistance this week. She has filled up most of the remainder of her summer with flags/band practice and art camp. Amy has spent the entire day playing with neighborhood children. Now that she is almost 5, she has moved beyond the confines of our yard and has total run of the cove. I expect a seriously over-tired and cranky child home anytime now. Tommy and Noah were recruited to help their grandfather with cleaning this morning and Tommy has a list of things in his room to get organized and streamlined this summer. The first thing on the list is his books. They are stacked horizontally and vertically in every nook and cranny. Apparently, stacking is the method books use to reproduce, because the piles get larger every day. Noah has done his afternoon vanishing act and before the sun sets he will certainly gain summer fun points for the young males in the household. Evan is so thrilled to have his siblings home instead of at school that every few minutes he engages someone in a foam sword fight. Except for having some form of intestinal nastiness, I am stuck home without a car and today is just like every day. Laundry (minus the basket that someone broke during a temper tantrum yesterday) and cleaning up behind children or children’s behinds.

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  1. stacking is the method books use to reproduce

    Nooooooooo! Quick! Unstack all those books! (That’s what happened at our house, too!)

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