murders and ice cream

Since Doug works downstairs and I am only downstairs to empty and refill the washer and dryer, Doug and I communicate with instant messenger. Throughout the day, he sends me links to articles he finds interesting. He usually includes a one sentence commentary on the article. Shhh, don’t tell Doug, but I don’t always click on his links. Sometimes it’s because I’m too busy to sit down and read anything, but usually it’s because the topic makes me roll my eyes. Last week he sent me a link and included a comment that sent the link directly to my ignore pile. Today, Instapundit posted the link and I finally glanced at the article. I did not research further than pop psychology’s article, but I cry foul on this study. Like murder rates escalating when ice cream sales are highest, two things are not necessarily causal. Is it not far more likely that the lifestyles of women who use condoms versus women who do not is what really correlates positively to depression?

3 thoughts on “murders and ice cream

  1. This has got to be the silliest thing I have read since the (admittedly faux) “CNN” Page about Fellatio decreasing risk of cancer in women ( Only they are actually trying to take this and “prove it”?

    Your (Compassionate Conservative) Tax Dollars at work.

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