I guess I’m a hippie

Summer is the time for bare feet in the grass and sun on your skin. It is a time for children to laugh and play. It is not a time for people who think the human body is an embarrassing thing that must always be covered and body parts should have cutesy nicknames instead of anatomically correct labels. The same people who get hysterical when they hear the word penis (“We don’t use that word in our house!”) are also the ones who fall apart over a shirtless four-year-old girl. “That’s indecent!” Seriously guys, stop trying to mess with my children’s self esteem. They’ll develop peer influenced issues soon enough. It’s bad enough you do this to your own children. Leave my children’s happiness alone.

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3 thoughts on “I guess I’m a hippie

  1. Here is a frightening thought. What is going through there heads that they see a 4 year old girl, and apparently can’t help but see something sexual (and thus “indecent”)?

    Sick people… all of ’em.

  2. Hallelujah and pass the ammunition! I’m a hippie myself (although as age creeps up on me, and after five pregnancies, there’s a bit different definition of “letting it all hang out.”)

    Remember when you could hold your best girlfriend’s hand and give her a hug and kiss without people assuming you were gay? Sheesh.

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