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It’s not even the first day of summer and I already have Amy’s new class assignment and a list of the supplies Amy will need for Kindergarten next year. I couldn’t learn anything about her teacher here, so I’ll be asking through the parent grapevine for the rest of the summer. I can’t start chipping away at the supply list yet, but I found it funny. Five year olds are impulsive, funny and enthusiastic. The list reeks of structure and control.
~ school fees of $25 made payable to the school
~ backpack w/soft sides (no wheels) boldly labeled on the outside
~ watercolors (set of only 8 colors) labeled w/name on top
~ box of thin Crayola markers – classic colors only, initial each marker w/Sharpie
~ box of standard Crayola markers (do not label)
~ Crayola crayons – box of 24 thin crayons (initial each crayon)
~ one 4 oz bottle Crayola school glue w/green no clog tip (do not label)
~ one pkg Avery table of contents ready index dividers w/10 colored tabs
~ three white 1″ 3-ring binders w/clear plastic overlay (label inside notebooks only)
~ one red folder w/prongs – not plastic (label inside folder only)
~ standard size box of tissues
~ three black Expo broad tip dry erase markers (initial each w/Sharpie)
~ one pkg of three yellow Sharpie highlighters (initial each w/Sharpie)
~ one small pkg yellow #2 pencils (sharpened)
~ two ball point pens – fine point (initial each w/Sharpie)
~ eight white glue sticks
~ one box of snack size Ziploc baggies
~ one box of gallon size Ziploc baggies
~ one box of quart size “one zip” Ziploc baggies
~ one box of standard Crayola colored pencils (do not label)
~ one pump bottle of liquid antibacterial soap
~ one 10-12 oz. bottle hand sanitizer
~ Clorox disinfecting wipes (fresh scent)
~ one box of Teddy Grahams or Goldfish
~ one small pkg clear page protectors
Besides being a ridiculously expensive list (I’ll have 3 more similarly long lists), that’s a lot of labeling for things that are going to get lost and replaced every few days anyway. Initial each crayon? Really?

11 thoughts on “Amy’s school supplies

  1. So, what is the $25 for?

    “Everything else?” bwahaahahaha. ahem. No it really isn’t funny. Sad really. Of course, this list sounds quite OCD. (label each crayon… sheesh)

  2. It’s a list for all of the kindergarteners at her school but the last 3 items are hand written additions by her teacher.

  3. Hi…I think I might have a solution for you and most parents.

    I started a business two months ago and is now an active web ordering site. I’m being backed by one of the largest supply distributors around.

    Please take a look at my web site and if you would please help me get the word out. I’m just a Mom with that ‘ONE GREAT IDEA”.
    This is a note that the PTA has been putting into report cards.

    Dear Parents,
    My name is Gail O’Neill and I am a former middle school teacher . For the twelve years that I taught I thought of many ways to save time and have more time to teach, but the resources were not there. I had the ideas, but had no idea how to make it happen. I have been out of the teaching field for four years now and currently find myself in the position to give life to some of those ideas.
    With your cooperation you can help us make this a success and a benefit for all involved. On my web site you will find two active schools: Larchmont Elementary and Glenwood Elementary and each grade level shows the school supply list for 2007-2008 school year. I have been told that just having this service was enough, but it dosen’t stop there because with every order a donation is made to your PTA. The web site accepts all different payments. If you have any questions you may contact me directly from the site.
    The supplies will be delivered directly to you (if you place a single order, shipping charge is added) or as a bulk shipment to the school(no shipping charge) if the PTA gets involved. The supplies are delivered a week before school starts so as not to take up room in the school and limits the possible lost and found problems. Thank you for your support

  4. One more thing if you are not located in the Hampton Roads section of Virginia than the supply boxes will be shipped via UPS.
    What I’ve been finding is that even with the UPS shipment charge you still come out ahead.

    Please give me some feed back and pass it on. TKS!!

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