one child is harder than five children

Doug and the older boys have gone camping for the weekend. Even though the weather is beautiful, they are having a fish fry tomorrow and he took my camera, Doug won’t have any fun. He is in one of his woulda, coulda, shoulda moods and will spend every moment thinking he should be doing something else. The girls are at my parents so they can spend their every waking moment at the swimming pool. Evan and I are going to sword fight, make car noises, watch The Upside Down Show and knock down blocks. Whenever he’s asleep, I’ll do laundry and clean. Exciting stuff.

2 thoughts on “one child is harder than five children

  1. Doug needs to realize when he’s spending quality time with his kids, he should never, ever, EVER feel guilty about not doing something else. Otherwise the kids will pick up on it and get the idea they rank down below whatever it is he feels guilty about – work, yard, construction, whatever.

    Can Evan not play quietly by himself or with Amy while you do laundry?

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