jumping from 17M to 40M?

Let’s ponder on the asking price for this house. Ignore the fact that the house is in Knoxville, TN and there is no argument which can convince me that Knoxville is not a small town. Instead, consider that the property’s neighbor is Lakeshore Mental Health Institute (which houses the harmless as well as the sociopathic), a decrepit hospital with financial woes that have them begging the state for funding as they sell off pieces of the property to Parks & Rec for children’s sports teams. If that doesn’t sound like enough to bring down the property value, there’s always the empty area between Lakeshore and the sale property which is used as a meeting spot similar to the way Knoxville’s Fort Dickerson and Memphis’ Overton Park are utilized. What kind of buyer does this Las Vegas firm know that is willing to pay that much money for that kind of neighbors?

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