biting my tongue

I don’t want to sound like Anne Frank, but I really don’t understand why everyone is so busy hating based on political parties instead of uniting on our common ground as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Don’t we all want to love and live and be happy? Life is hard enough without all this deliberate sniping and judging. I haven’t met anyone through blogging who wasn’t an intelligent, pleasant person face to face, yet keyboards pound out vile that makes my skin crawl. You don’t have to agree with everything someone says to like them. Now go sit at the kitchen table and don’t get up until you can respect each other and use some manners.

4 thoughts on “biting my tongue

  1. I can’t answer this honestly without potentially spilling more politics, so like the whole discussion on Sicko, I will opt to stay reticent (relatively so anyway).

  2. Sorry Mom. Then again, since you left the chocolate chip cookies on the table, this isn’t really much of a punishment…*grin*

  3. Oh, you Blogocrats always talk that way. (Blogublicans? Blogervatives? Blogerals?)

  4. Amen. Strange that people make fun of this, as if its below them to remove “politics” from the top of the list of things that are most important to them.

    “What? Actually consider family, friends, God, reading, sleeping above the presidential race? What kind of neandrathal do you take me for?”

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