Can I have a sleepover?

My children know that the answer to this question is usually yes. I don’t care if their friends are always here. I like their friends. I like knowing that the children are safe. I like to hear them giggling in the other room and see them playing together. While I am less enthusiastic about it, because I miss them, I almost always agree to them staying at their friends’ houses. I think their friends’ parents are great. I trust them completely with my children. My attitude drives some people crazy. “She’s still at her friend’s house? She’s been gone long enough. It’s time for her to come home.” Conversely, “He’s still at your house? It’s time for him to go home.” Why? Everyone is happy and safe. Chores are still getting done. You know those crazy people who always have a house full of children? That’s us. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

One thought on “Can I have a sleepover?

  1. If we could still get the chores done, I wouldn’t mind so much either – even less so if they were at a friend’s house. Or if we had a bigger back yard for them to actually play in.

    Unfortunately there’s no fun to be had until the chores get done – and they don’t seem too motivated by that either. :sigh:

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