Pink Floyd is. . .

. . . my first musical love and my first unrequited love. It is memorized lyrics. It is long nights listening to Dark Side beginning to end. It is midnight showings of The Wall at the Plaza. It is laser light shows at Pink Palace. It is camping out for tickets with my mother bringing me Sarah every three hours to nurse. It is the music that touches my soul. It is what I expect to be played at my funeral to move the spirits of those I leave behind.

7 thoughts on “Pink Floyd is. . .

  1. Even at this age there is nothing like sitting in a dark room, watching the equalizer bounce, sipping a cool drink, and listening to Pink or Roger…mostly Roger now!

    If you’ve never experienced a Roger Water’s concert, GO. You owe it to yourself.

  2. I’m stepping in, but Pink Floyd went way south after WYWH. Way south. Animals is good, the Wall is good, but none as good as Meddle, or More, or the earlier records…
    But yeah, they’re good.

  3. I’ve got a confession to make. I had a chance to see Floyd in Atlanta with The Wall tour and turned it down. IT”S NOT MY FAULT! I was young, in love, there was a flood, the bridges were out, the bank was closed, my Aunt Bea had a doctors appointment. Ok, OK, I wasn’t a Floyd fan at the time, and now I’m just left with shame.

  4. Interesting. Pink Floyd is a phenomona that was totally alien, though not unknown, to my teenage and college lives. It was never something I ever listened to, nor cared to – though there were several friends in school that liked it.

    The only Pink Floyd tunes I know of are of course “Another Brick in the Wall” and I think something called “Secret Lucidity” or something like that.

    It may be due to the fact I’ve never smoked a joint…

  5. I got more comments on this one, silly post than I’ve gotten in the past two weeks total. Expect more music memory posts.

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