Two down, five to go

While today lacked the pleasant surprises of yesterday, it was still a tolerable success. I almost lost my temper once, but Sarah sensed the shift in the atmospheric pressure in the house and quickly scooted the two youngest away from their mess and out of my sight until I had it cleaned. Tommy is trying to test my patience, but he eventually does what he’s asked to do. Poor Sarah got a blistering sunburn, but didn’t have the heat stroke that took her friend down for a bit. Noah is blissfully playing with the toys he missed while at camp last week but he took a break for long enough to burn popcorn. The smell just won’t go away. Amy is quite surly, but I’m eternally optimistic that she’ll be back to her cheery self tomorrow. Evan is, well, he’s two, so he alternates between wild and destructive and sweet and snuggly. Molly has managed to stay clean, so I’m really, really hoping I don’t have to give her another bath before Wednesday, when she has her pictures made. No, she’s not going in for doggie portraits. Tommy has his senior pictures on Wednesday and he wants Molly in the pictures. Yes, Wednesday is the day I’m looking forward to the very most this week. Taking ALL of the children AND the dog to have Tommy’s picture made. The photographer will be cursing me before it’s all done.

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  1. This trip is too rigorous for the young scouts. They are hiking up a mountain, several miles a day, with only the supplies and food they can carry.

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