Three down, four to go

It’s a bit early to post this, since nobody is in bed. I still have to shave Tommy’s scraggly face. He wants to leave his “mustache” so, he should look like he has a dirty face in his senior pictures. Sarah and her sleepover friend are still practicing in the cove. The youngest three are clean, but only two are in jammies. Today was a huge drain on fuel in the car, but we got everything done, so let’s chalk this day off as a success. Tomorrow will be the hardest day to get through, but after it’s over, everything is all downhill. With tomorrow night’s countdown post, the days survived will outnumber the days of waiting.

A few sponsors for the blogathon would be a really great way to lift my feet off the ground tomorrow.

Update: LissaKay ROCKS!
Two more sponsors and I’ll turn on the camera for the duration of the blogathon.
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