Four down, three to go

Is it just me or are my evening countdown posts coming earlier and earlier in the day? I knew today was going to be rough because Evan wouldn’t or couldn’t sleep last night. I didn’t know why until I woke him up this morning and his eye was crusted shut. “Eye. Eye.” The spider in my bathtub had to go looking for Nemo since Doug wasn’t here to rescue him. I had no choice but to take pink eye boy and everyone else to get Tommy’s senior pictures made. Amy was ticked off that she couldn’t have her picture made and Molly flipped over to have her tummy rubbed every time the photographer got near her. We came home and Evan expressed his discomfort by spending the day dumping shelves and emptying cabinets while Amy and Noah made the world’s most elaborate tents. “We need more blankets.” I decided to use the pink eye as an excuse to skip karate practice. Now three out of five children are bathed and jammied. My headache tells me I need to eat something. Tomorrow morning is Tommy’s lesson at STAR and I ALWAYS miss my exit off the Interstate. Someday they’re going prove my theory that a sense of direction is genetic and I don’t have that particular chromosome.

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LissaKay sponsored us AND issued a challenge.
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notameangirl has sponsored us and gotten the camera turned on for the duration of the blogathon. Now I’ll have to come up with a new challenge to encourage sponsors. Any ideas?
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3 thoughts on “Four down, three to go

  1. Well, you know, it wouldn’t be me (or Doug) if I didn’t start shouting, “Show us your tits! Show us your tits! Show us your tits! Show us your tits!” 😉

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