saving my thoughts

What’s on my mind? What’s the family doing? I’m afraid to say anything that might keep me from having 24 hours worth of posts this weekend. I will say that Amy is walking around with panties on her head demanding that everyone in the family do the same so that we can have an underwear party. I really, really hope that a few more people sponsor us for the blogathon. I offered to be bribed, but nobody said “I’ll sponsor you IF you talk about ___ or IF you promise to tell my significant other that I love them on the video feed.” What if I told you I’m going to wear Doug’s favorite black jammies Saturday night? I thought about threatening everyone with an endless stream of posts about poop, but then I remembered another blogger once did that and her readership went through the roof. I thought about blackmailing my brothers with their naked baby pictures, but I think they would just laugh. I’m left with whining that STAR makes a positive impact on the lives of everyone involved with them and I really want them to feel the support of the blogging community. Sponsor anonymously if you’re embarrassed for anyone to know you read a Mommy blog. What if I promised to quit begging for sponsors and get back to blogging if we reach $300. in sponsors?

Update: There seem to be a few quirks in the blogathon system this year. Apparently, you have to create a log-in before you can sponsor a blog. This is a painless process and I have never heard of anyone getting spam from registering with blogathon. However, it seems to be making people nervous. So, if you would like to sponsor us without registering at the blogathon site, just tell me. I will make the sponsorship on the blogathon site and you just make the donation directly to STAR after the blogathon. I’ll post the link to STAR’s paypal site during the blogathon. Now doesn’t that sound easy? You can even hand cash to anyone on our team at this Saturday’s blogfest and we’ll make the donation to STAR for you. No excuse now. Register at the blogathon site and make a sponsorship or just tell me how much you want to donate.

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