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During the school year, Doug and I travel Morrell from Northshore to Middlebrook a zillion times a week. Maybe not a zillion, but still, a LOT. We watched the Interstate construction, road work and traffic cameras and the intersection of Kingston Pike and Morrell just became worse and worse. Weekends and holidays just make the traffic unbearable. Although nothing will SOLVE the problem, completely removing the mall entrance on Morrell that is closest to Kingston Pike would make things better. The shoppers leaving the mall at that entrance block the intersection when they ignore the light turning red and the ones trying to travel all the way across Morrell to get on the Interstate are just too dangerous. Morrell travelers annoyed at having gotten caught by the Borders light, ignore the red light at the light closest to Kingston Pike and create gridlock that makes every driver on the road behave poorly. There are plenty of other mall exits. Close that exit and remove the light. Next week I’ll solve world peace.

Our local paper had a story about vacant schools in today’s paper. I’ve said before how much I would like to live in an old school house. I am most interested in one in the country though. How cool would it be to roller blade inside your own house?

Our local paper’s website does a small link dump of local bloggers every Sunday. Since every week they link to either Doug or me but never both, Doug and I have decided that they consider us to be one person. This amuses us both greatly. I spend most of my blog time talking about children and parenting. Doug’s blog is unusually fond of conspiracy theories, tech talk and unfiltered stream of consciousness. We do have our own rhythm (and heavy use of ASL) when we attend meetings and gatherings together.

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