online again

I’m blogging from the cool air conditioned third floor room in our temporary witless relocation site. Surrounded by fast moving people in suits with laptops, our personal army noisily clumbered into the hotel armed with backpacks, diaper bags and desktop computers. Our morning chaos was much more complicated with the added task of driving children to multiple bus stops. Despite the strangeness of it, I am really enjoying the time out of the house. “For our summer vacation, we moved into a hotel down the road from our house.” This would be perfect if Molly didn’t have to spend her vacation in doggy jail. Actually, Molly’s accommodations are quite nice. I just miss her. A lot.

5 thoughts on “online again

  1. I haven’t checked in on your blog in awhile. I didn’t know about the AC issues. You guys are such troppers. Thanks so much for all your hard work on School Matters. I don’t think we would have pulled it together without you, Lisa and Doug’s expertise.

  2. We travel so infrequently that we are actually enjoying being displaced. Except for worrying about Molly and missing her sleeping on my feet, this is a fun little adventure now that we are out of the life-force destroying heat misery that the house had become.

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