hotel thoughts

  • I understand why some of the Katrina victims had to be forced from their hotel refuges. I really liked the hotel rooms and bathrooms.
  • Never running out of clean towels is a luxury I could never get tired of having.
  • A two-year-old doesn’t care that people are trying to sleep just a few inches from where he is squealing and laughing.
  • If there is an indoor and an outdoor pool, children want to be at the OTHER one.
  • Sunday afternoon until Friday morning, hotels are packed with silent business people (and the occasional paid companion). They don’t use the pool.
  • Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, hotels are packed with small children and people who are too tired to supervise them. They make the pool unusable.
  • The hot tub is not the indoor “baby pool” for two dozen children under the age of six to sit in and spit water at each other. WHY did their parents think this was funny?
  • Do swim diapers actually hold anything in or are they just fooling us?
  • Hotels should charge non-refundable deposits for the packs of drunken college students and allow my dog to stay for free.
  • One night alone in a hotel with your spouse is heavenly.
  • I don’t own enough clothes to stay in a hotel for a week. My children do though.
  • A two-year-old who won’t ride in a stroller or grocery cart will sit on a luggage cart for hours.
  • Once the Red Cross puts the victims of an apartment fire at your hotel, you can no longer whine about the inconvenience of temporarily having no access to your kitchen or washing machine.

3 thoughts on “hotel thoughts

  1. Do not get me started on parents who think the rules apply to everyone but their precious little children.

    I get tired of parents thinking its cute for the kids to be in the hot tub or the lap lane at the Y….when the rules clearly state they are not old enough to be. And tired of lifeguards who are too wussy to enforce the rules….

  2. It was the spitting in the hot tub and pool that bothered me. It’s risky enough to swim in a public pool, but to put it in your mouth and spit it? I’m sure they were swallowing some of it too. Yuck!

  3. What?!? Public pools aren’t clean?!?


    And I understand what you’re saying…I think I’m gonna go brush my teeth and use some mouth wash….my mouth feels slimy just thinking of those kids spitting the water out.

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