not one, but TWO

After an adolescence that included a period of seeing almost every movie on the big screen, I now go months and years between visits to the theater. Yesterday I went to see a movie TWICE! It was wonderful. First, my mother took Sarah and I to see “Hairspray“. If you don’t spend at least part of Hairspray grinning and/or tapping your foot, you need to up your dosage. Funny, colorful and worth owning. I loved the teenagers in front of us who copied all the dance moves without leaving their seats. I am curious whether the mothers attending with their elementary aged daughters just assumed their children wouldn’t understand all the sexual innuendo or if they themselves are that clueless?

Movie number two was courtesy of Blingo and my brother’s good luck. Doug and I went out for a frugal anniversary movie. The benefit of not being able to afford popcorn and drinks was that neither of us had to run to the restroom in the middle of the movie. We went to see Superbad and laughed, laughed, laughed. It is completely raunchy, but hysterically funny. I knew people like these characters in high school and college. I felt that panic of knowing you were someplace you didn’t belong. I knew guys who had the same style of cartooning. This one we won’t buy on DVD. It is absolutely for adults only.

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