grow slower please

Part of my evening routine includes checking backpacks for notes, graded papers, trash and organization. I make little piles of backpacks, everything that needs to go to school but won’t fit in the backpack and the next day’s outfit, including the frequently elusive shoes. One day last week, Noah asked me to put out jeans instead of shorts because of the temperature inside the school. If I had waited until the first cold weather tease to find jeans that fit him, Noah would have gone to school for several days in shorts with his sister’s hand-me-down tights underneath. At the end of the school year in May, Noah wore an 8 slim in pants. Just three months later, he now wears a 12 regular. Keeping him clothed for the next few years is going to be a challenge. Not only is it impossible to find boys’ clothing in the consignment stores that keep Sarah and Amy happy, whatever fits today is very unlikely to fit tomorrow. Can’t I just send him to school in rolled up scrubs?

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