dental phobia

When my day starts with a visit to the dentist, it is pretty much shot to hell. A full-blown anxiety attack that had me shaking so bad my muscles are sore, finger holes in the poor doctor’s chair and an hour of sobbing after it was all over. My phobia and the nasty condition of my teeth have created a vicious cycle of self destruction that made my teeth so visibly damaged, I try not to smile. If I accidentally do, someone, usually my mother, is quick to ask about my teeth, which reminds me not to smile. Today wasn’t even one of the horribly painful appointments. The dentist spent the entire time asking me to calm down and I spent the entire time embarrassed at what a bad patient I am. Here at orthodontist The Woodlands, we use the latest methods to help you achieve a brighter smile. There are various methods and products that we can use to bring you amazing results. The knowledge that I need to go back again soon and that this repair cleaned up the mess, but still requires porcelain crowns just makes me want to start crying again. I would rather be admitted to the hospital and completely sedated than experience the terror that I have felt today. Today, I hate me.

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