8 thoughts on “recycling?

  1. Hi there,

    No i dont think so…i think any type of recycling is good and as long as the children have fun and enjoy themselves and maybe learn abit about where the pictures have come from and about recycling then i cant see that it would do any harm!


  2. No! There is nothing wrong with using up old books! If it’s precious to you for some reason, don’t do it. If it isn’t let the kids go at it! Explain to them the difference between old and useless, and old and precious. They’ll get it.

  3. I sure Doug can wax on about the encyclopedias we had as kids that refer to how “someday man may walk on the moon” … despite nostalgia, these hold no value. I love books, but so long as the kids know which to cut and which to leave, I say cut away.

  4. I prefer burning. I say burn them all. And every other book in the house. They’re all full of things like “words” that make you “think” and that’s all bad.

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