Why 11-y-o’s aren’t old enough to be unsupervised. Ever.

Me: “Do you have any homework?”
Noah: “No.”
Time passes.
Noah: “After I finish my snack I hafta make a Sumerian mud house.”
Me: “What? I thought you said you don’t have homework today.”
Noah: “I forgot.”
Me: “Do you need brown, red or gray clay?”
Noah: “I don’t need clay. I’m gonna go dig mud out of the yard.”
Me: “WHAT?”
Noah: “It’s okay, I’m not making a full size mud house.”
Me: blink blink
Noah: “I’ll put the mud bricks in the microwave to dry.”
Me: “No. No digging in the rain. No mud in the house. No touching the microwave. You will use clay.”
Noah: “I’m not supposed to make a Sumerian clay house.”

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