Mother Nature

I was too young and stupid to learn from my great-grandmother about the “signs” in nature which forewarn of weather extremes. I pitifully attempt to be aware of the environment, but my accuracy is lacking. I’m pretty good with tornado predicting and the pressure in my head tells me when a big rain is pending. Overall season forecasting? Not so good. Last year we had a mild winter, but this summer was unbearably hot. Especially the weeks without a/c. Yesterday, the writing spider who has been content on our porch for years, was found hiding in Tommy’s bedroom. The hole to the attic that the squirrels consider their doorway, now looks like it has an entire hay bale stuffed in there. I’m guessing that this winter is going to be a bit unpleasant. Then again, maybe it’s just a sign that we should give up all pretense of being the primary dwellers in this house and just leave the doors and windows open for all of nature’s creatures. No. They can just come and go through the giant hole in the living room wall.

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