Amy says:

“I don’t wanna swim in that lake. There might be sharks.”

When we were young, my parents took us to a company owned cabin on Pickwick Lake several times each year. The best thing about the trip was the nickel slot machine and the roll of quarters each child was given to use or keep. The worst part was swimming in that deep, dark, cold water. One year when we were there, everyone was talking about a small child who had fallen off a boat, but whose body was never found. After that story, I became increasingly convinced that I was going to brush against a body trapped in the forest under the lake. Eventually I quit swimming there. I think Amy and I will just swim in clear water.

2 thoughts on “Amy says:

  1. I’m with you on the lake swimming—-

    we always went to Dale Hollow, and I have heard from several reliable (?) sources that
    1. Because the lake is so deep, down in the deepest part there are catfish bigger than men
    2. Water moccasins get clustered together and you can get into a “nest” of them (I have nightmares about that one)
    3. there are eerie underground cities under the lake (that was I know to be true— they flooded several towns when they built the lake. On the side near Lillydale (I think) you can see where they moved a cemetary when the water is low. cuhhh-reeeeeepy.)

  2. You know, call me a control freak, oc dependent. But once I had kids I need to contro; my environment. Swimming in dark water that I can’t see just creeps me out, I can swim in the ocean water in the Gulf of Mexico, because I can see things below and around me including the fishes. A pool with clear water is preferred. O.K. I have vented and exposed my control freak, ocd. Thanks there, Cathy.

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