There’s TV before 11 pm?

I never saw a single episode of Friends when it was a popular series. After the series ended, I watched every single episode on late night television. The same for Frasier, Will & Grace and a dozen other television programs. Who has time to sit and stare at the television when there’s homework to print, children to bathe, school clothes to prepare, the day’s mess to clean and a thousand other things? Almost all of my tv watching takes place after everyone is in bed, the morning backpacks are carefully laid out and the house is sort of straight. If networks cared about parents, they would re-run current primetime programming after 11 p.m. Sitcoms are the perfect late night viewing. As it is now, after The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, I find a movie and fall asleep before it ends. It’s okay though. I dream the movie’s ending.

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