Dear Evan,

I love you. Your maternal grandparents think you are hysterically funny. Your Sunday School teachers think you are very sweet. At home, you resemble a gremlin. When I saw Elizabethtown, I was distracted from the visually appealing train wreck of a movie by the Samson character and his resemblance to you, my son. When I put you in your crib and you decide to do something foul and horrible instead of napping, there are several appropriate responses. They include, “oops” and “uh-oh” and “sorry” and even, “my bad.” This is not the time to grin from earlobe to earlobe and shout “Surprise!” You may shout surprise when you use the potty. But, only for it’s intended purpose. Flushing entire rolls with the cardboard tube still attached falls under the previously mentioned “my bad” category.


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