planning for graduation (6 months in advance)

I have to turn in Tommy’s “graduation supplies order” this week. We already survived the “senior photo” blackmail. I know it’s a school fundraiser, but $30. per sheet is still absurd. Now, I’m supposed to choose from a two-page list of items that directly and indirectly apply toward graduation. Some of the decisions are easy. Cap and gown? Of course. “Deluxe” cover or engraved nameplate for cover? No. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve looked at my high school diploma since I graduated. My college diploma is buried so deeply in the dungeon I haven’t seen it since I quit working and took it down from my office wall. Announcements? An e-mail would be easier, but I guess so. Smallest package is 25? I don’t even know that many people. Since we don’t get to see what they look like or read the wording because the school will be making those choices for us, I’m supposed to “guess” what color accessories to choose. Extra announcement tissues? Foil lined envelopes? Umm, why? Scrapbook? Clothes that say 2008? I don’t think so. Flip flops with 2008 on the bottom so that they “leave a special footprint” on the beach? Are you kidding me?

The most difficult thing isn’t writing yet another monster sized check. It’s deciding who to send announcements. The ex I avoid to keep the peace? People who are my friends that Tommy doesn’t know? They kept me sane when his school life was out of control. I think that counts for a lot. It’s deciding how we are going to celebrate his graduation. We can’t afford to take everyone to a restaurant. Is a buffet at home too casual? I don’t have to let Tommy choose the food do I? Nobody needs that much pizza. What do we do with the Tazmanian 2-year-old? It’s his big brother graduating, but he’s just so . . . wild. All of the babysitting candidates will be at graduation. I know that Thank You’s are supposed to be hand written, but Tommy doesn’t write. Ever. He uses technology for all of his written communication. Do I need to write a thank you and explanation to accompany the ones he’ll print on his computer? It’s just family, so won’t they understand?

Why do I have to think about this now? According to the “Balfour Etiquette” guide, announcements are sent 3 weeks before graduation. Can I just wait until then to stress about graduation and focus all my anxiety on Christmas?

2 thoughts on “planning for graduation (6 months in advance)

  1. Aw come on. Don’t you think he should have a pair of 2008 yoga pants? *snicker*

    I don’t know why the do those stupid flip flops for anyone (I’ve seen Bride and Groom ones, too). No on on EARTH steps in the manner needed to make that imprint properly (besides the fact that the shoes are just plain dumb). And teenagers – last time I checked, still shuffled their feet for the most part.

  2. Seems a little early, then again in the UK we never did much of anything to celebrate leaving high school. I seem to remember going to a formal ball getting drunk and failing to get invited home with my then girlfriend…

    Then again my university graduation was equally low key…

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