deck the halls with . . . turkeys?

Apparently there was a secret memo sent out to the cool bloggers that it is now time to complain about Christmas decorations being up too early. It’s a good thing I’m not in that social circle. (I did get the memo about The Golden Compass being evil. Twice. Please quit sending it.) Do people expect the stores to decorate with Turkeys until after Thanksgiving? Do you know what the Pilgrims really ate? They can’t decorate with food or the dieters will sue and the food nazis will try to get Thanksgiving banned. They can’t decorate with prayers, Indians or Pilgrims or the PC police will complain. Besides, Thanksgiving is a meal. There’s just not that much you need from the red bullseye store or the big department stores to cook a meal. No, retailers pin their survival on Christmas, so they may as well start decorating and trying to sell their tinsel. It’s fun to look at the decorated trees. Stop complaining. The only thing you need to do is decide when your family will decorate for Christmas or Hanukkah or the holiday that your family celebrates. It’s an easy decision at our house. The decorations go up when the advent calendar countdown begins. Any sooner and the adults will suffer the horrible fate of trying to explain time and calendars to small people who are incapable of understanding. Everything goes up, except the lights on the tree. Those have been known to take until Christmas eve to get up and working.

6 thoughts on “deck the halls with . . . turkeys?

  1. Ooh. The Golden Compass is evil? That must be why it’s so good.

    Seriously, folks, just because the series ends with the protagonists killing god then having sex doesn’t mean it’s evil.

    It was a mercy killing.

    Cue the imaginary “war on christmas”.

  2. I’ll admit I’m one of the whiners. It’s not so much the early holiday stuff going up. It’s when skeletons and turkeys and Santa all rub elbows in at the same time. Something just weird about that.

    And pilgrims? Who the hell has problems with pilgrims? Geez, people.

  3. Perhaps if the Catholics could just climb down off the cross and use the wood to build a bridge and get over it, nobody would give a hoot.

    How many times are they going to play this game and give promotion to a movie they don’t like.

    I am not a complainer about an early christmas, however like Kris, I thought it was a bit weird seeing in some places before they had even taken down their Halloween stuff (heck a week before Halloween) yet.

    Add to it the fact that Christmas is supposed to be one of the best times of the year where people are a little more pleasant, a bit more cheerful, etc. Wouldn’t you want to extend that as much as possible.

  4. They’ve had Christmas stuff in our stores since labor day. I don’t even see it anymore (at least they don’t pipe christmas caroles over the PA yet. At least last week they didn’t)

    I didn’t care about the compass movie, other than seeing the Coca Cola bears in some cool armor, until I got the email. Now I’ll have to make sure I take my (Catholic) kids on opening day, so they can tell all their friends at church about it. Same way they bragged about all the candy they scored while their friends were having an All Saints celebration without witches.

  5. You know, I have complained a bit about it but I really don’t mind as long as its AFTER Halloween. The christmas decorations were going up at the stores at the beginning of October this year. Now, THAT is too early.

  6. We were shopping in the Red Spot store two weeks before Halloween and right out of the mouths of babes came this:

    9 yr. Old Niece: Oh, look, they’ve got Christmas right beside Halloween Auntie M!
    Me: Yes, yes they do. They’re getting ready.
    9 yr old: You know, it’s like the Nightmare before Christmas.
    Me: You are exactly right, it is a nightmare sweetie.

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