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It was cold last night. Not the intolerably miserable cold that our northern relatives experience every winter, but cold enough for a southerner to whine and complain. Cold that was exaggerated by the window a/c unit sized hole in our living room wall. The hole that is covered with just a thin piece of plastic. The kind of cold that mixed with moisture could cause tree limbs on our forested piece of property to break and fall. Tree limbs like the one that is currently putting weight upon the power line that keeps our computers house humming. In spite of the hole in the wall and the branch on the power line, I am reluctant to encourage Doug to make household repairs. Not because he self-flagellates every moment that he is away from his computer, but because, well, because he is Doug. Although I convinced Doug to call the power company and ask about turning off the power while he cuts down the offending branch, I have not convinced him that he has to actually follow through and turn the power off before tree trimming. “It’s just a branch. I’ll be fine.” Soooo, after the world’s longest lead-in, here is today’s poll.

Will Doug –
a. cut the branch down with the power still on?
b. cut the branch down with the power temporarily shut off?
c. not get around to it until the branch takes the lines down?

I don’t need a poll for the hole in the wall. That hole will be there until a squirrel gets into the house.

12 thoughts on “Today’s Poll

  1. I can’t imagine what my wife would say about me if she had a blog, and talked as freely about her husband’s faults as you do 😉 Why you guys haven’t killed each other yet is beyond me…

    Doug, dude, fix the damn hole.

  2. I like C. I think Doug likes C. Barry likes C. We all like C. Because after all I beat you all have a generator to run those computers until KUB comes out and fixes the mysterious line failure and they won’t even figure out it was a limb, after all they are supposed to trim back anyway. so it is their fault.

    I just hope it doesn’t happen during an ice or once a decade snow storm.

    And oh, finally even aa squirrel needs a little love and warmth from time to time. Remember Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. It is almost time to put the tree up.

    I am gone for now.

  3. I could vote easily for all three! 🙂
    but there might be an easier way, call KUB, if you have a threatening limb, they will come and cut it down, free of charge – they have for me several times w/ an old tree I had at my previous address. I say try it anyways. 🙂 Take care, love you all!

  4. I’m saying “D”

    A squirrel will walk across the frozen branch, it will fortunately not take out the powerline, but will fall to the ground. The squirrel however will be roasted, and Doug will throw it in the freezer.

  5. I was under the impression that the power company would not do anything between the pole and your house, that is, it is your re$pon$ibility. The power company seemed to affirm this when I spoke with them on Tuesday and they explained they would send a truck out a 9:30am to cut the power then after I finished with the branch, the truck would return at its convenience to restore power.

    Today I called and got a different answer. A truck came out at no cost, and took care of the branch without even interrupting the power.

    I wonder if the water company will fix the washers on the sinks?

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